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We all love Indian Curry, but cooking the same is hard & tiring. Ordering from takeaways is also not a healthy option. So what can we do???

At "Tadka House", we understand this problem, and know that half of the job in cooking Indian Food is Tadka. Once Tadka is ready, any Indian Curry can be prepared in a no time.

"Tadka House" provides an aromatic, hygienic, healthy, home-cooked Indian Tadka, which you can use in the choice of your recipes and just sprinkle spices/salt to your taste.


Tadka Onion Only

TADKA - Onion only


(One portion serves meal for 4)

Tadka Onion Tomato

TADKA - Onion & Tomato


(One portion serves meal for 4)

Tadka Onion Tomato Garlic Ginger

TADKA - Onion, Tomato, Garlic & Ginger


(One portion serves meal for 4)

With no compromise, we use:


Punjabi Tadka

Indian Tadka is basically a gravy or paste made with Garlic, Ginger, Onion and Tomato. It is used in almost all curry based Indian recipies such as Aloo Gobi, Baingan Bharta, Butter Chicken Curry, Chicken Dopiaza, Dals(lentils) and the list is endless.

It is a process where oil is heated in a pan , onions are fried till they turn brown, and then tomatoes are added and cooked slowly until the oil is released.

These few steps are same for almost all the Indian vegan, vegetarian and non-vegetarian curry recipies. But it is the most time consuming part. So if Tadka is ready, then any Indian curry can be cooked in a no time. As a matter of fact, all the restaurants and dhaba wala's (street side local restaurants) mix the pre-made tadka with the boiled veggies to get the final dish ready in minutes for you.

Finally, you can freeze tadka in a freezer and can use upto 2-3 months to quicken up your cooking process. So you can order days or weeks supply from us and can be worry free. Just defrost our tadka, add veggies or non-veg, spices and salt to your taste and you are ready to serve to your family and friends. What a great way to enjoy a quick easy healthy meals in a no time!

Almost 95% of Indian Punjabi vegetable recipes can be made with this simple formula:

Final dish = Our Tadka + Veggies, Spices & Salt



Step 1: Choose Tadka

As various Indian Curries, Non-Veg, Vegetarian and Vegan meals differ, so we have hand prepared below tadkas for you to give you complete freedom and flexibility.

Just select and order from below options:

  • Tadka - Onion only
  • Tadka - Onion & Tomato only
  • Tadka - Onion, Tomato, Ginger and Garlic only

*Each pack serves 4 people

We will then cook, freeze and deliver Tadka direct to your door.

Stepping to Step 2
Easy Vegan Meals

Step 2: Add Veggies/Meat, Spices & Salt

Defrost the Tadka or put it in a pan on low flame.

Add your veggies or non-veg, spices and salt to your taste, and cook it as per recipe.

Need an inspiration?

Don't forget to check many Easy Dinner Ideas we have crafted for you, so that you can enjoy healthy, home cooked Indian food within 10-15mins.

Stepping to Step 2
Aloo gobi

Step 3: Enjoy your meal (Cooked in a half-time)

That's it. You did it! You just reduced your cooking time by atleast 50%.

Enjoy your food while it is hot, and enjoy your saved time in doing whatever you most love to do.

We would love to hear from you. If we saved your time, then leave us feedback here.